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 About Muskaan 
Puneet’s life is a living legacy showcasing what can happen to a person with an intellectual disability if the person is respected for whatever one is and given all the opportunity to flourish and express one’s potential. Today, Puneet is a responsible worker in the stationary unit of Muskaan Work Centre.


Since childhood, he has been a very vivacious person exploring his environment in his own ways the way every child does. As he grew, he became more observant towards his surrounding thereby becoming more confident. He was supported in acquiring a variety of skills including life skills, personal care, cognitive and other social skills. Even a small achievement of him, seemingly insignificant to others was fully recognised and appreciated. The behaviours that were found to be unhelpful for his functioning were gently but firmly discouraged as we do for any child.

Extreme care was taken to give him full respect and acknowledgement in all public spaces whether it was family visits, celebrations or any other social gatherings. Never ever his difficulties or challenges were discussed within family or outside. We knew that the world would respect him only if we did so. Today, we find that Puneet is a darling of the family, relatives, friends and teachers. He is a charmer, works with precision and has turned out to be amazingly versatile. A child with an intellectual disability garners one’s attention. We always ensured that he is listened to and admired for whatever efforts he put in.

It is with this tutelage of the family that today Puneet has flourished to the best of his capacity.

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