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Allow me to express, listen to me, let me speak --- and soon you will realize that I am just like you.

We often fail to recognize that each one of us is a part of wonderful human diversity. We all haveunique personalities, interests, aspirations, strengths and limitations. Those who are different in some ways from majority are viewed with suspicion, prejudice and considered abnormal or deviant. One such section of humanity is children and adults with intellectual disability, formerly labeled as “mentally retarded”. With increased understanding that came from close working with them in education and training etc., we realize thatPeople with Intellectual Disability (ID) have much more potential for development than commonly recognized. Their capacities are grossly underestimated and lack of appropriate education and training prevents them from full realization of their potential. 

What is meant by ID ?

Intellectual disability refers to a condition that one is born with or acquire early in life due to a disease or injury. Its causes are largely unknown though few conditions e. g. Down Syndrome and Fragile X syndrome etc. are better understood. Read More

“Each one of us, including people with intellectual disability, are born with unique set of abilities, interests, likes & dislikes and temperament and together we form an amazingly diverse set of people with unique minds. We enjoy or suffer in life through the prism of our mind and our mindsets. 

If we break the mould that our mindsets impose on us, and start accepting and appreciating diversity, a revolution occurs – not just in the lives of people with ID, but in our own lives too. We start embracing a lifestyle that is more humane, accepting, loving and appreciative of diversity! We learn to genuinely accept people for what they are, find beauty and talent in all, enjoy diverse set of people and love unconditionally.

Our young adults at Muskaan change our lives much more profoundly than we influence theirs!” 

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