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(Antara’s Mother)

Anita is a sincere and dedicated mother, who has been with Muskaan at every stage. With her sparkling and dynamic personality, she has endeared herself to everyone at Muskaan.

 The day I came to know about Muskaan : 
Antara used to go to Anchal school, where I met Shantiji (Shanti Auluck), the mother of another student, Puneet. She told me about her effort to start Muskaan and I decided to send Antara here.

 My role with Muskaan : 

I saw the work happening at Muskaan and felt like being a part of it. I used to be a helping hand in whatever way I could. It has been 15 years now. Presently I am at the Life Skills Centre. We engage students to acquire basic skills through creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking and decision making. Students talk of their inner conflicts and try to resolve them by themselves. With communication and trustbuilding, the students confront their feelings to their teachers and facilitate the solutions for themselves through collective decision making.

 My words about Muskaan : 

Muskaan is like a family for me. If I have any concerns, I can openly discuss them with Shanti Ji or Neera Ji. I feel there are others with me in this journey, who reiterate the same vision as I do. When I lived in Calcutta, I had no moral support. Here at Muskaan, I feel I have a family which is so welcoming and amicable. I do not feel lonely anymore. My daughter also loves coming to Muskaan because of the protective atmosphere this place provides her. Her personality has blossomed since the day she commenced her journey at Muskaan.

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