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 About Muskaan 
Muskaan….So accurate to its name. It makes me smile every time I think about my experiences with this organisation. It was in 1995, fresh out of school, I got associated with Muskaan. Even though it was for a short period, but I still revere the energy they emanated. And now again, after all these years, I have got to know how the organisation has grown manifold and is still going strong. I wonder how Muskaan has been perseverant in shaping the lives of these adults with intellectual disabilities. The happiness and the energy these people share is just remarkable. My best wishes for a better, bigger and brighter future. May you guys keep prospering and blossoming, making your model a success story to be followed by millions of others. I feel fortunate enough to wear this wonderful t-shirt imprinted with a ‘Muskaan Special’ painting. I wear it with pride and salute the efforts of my young friends.

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