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Bubbling with energy and enthusiasm, Chitra has been one of our instrumental volunteers. She has a charming personality and is phenomenal while engaging with our friends at Muskaan.

 The day I came to know about Muskaan 
I came to know about Muskaan in 2005 during my course of attending a three day Art of Living workshop, that was held at Muskaan for its student trainee. Since then I have been in awe of this place. The atmosphere is so positive, so affectionate that words would run short to describe it. I was with these people and feel like working with them, laughing with them and embracing life just like they do. The joys that these students shower at Muskaan are contagious. Once you are here, you would have an innate urge to be with them. Since that day I have been visiting Muskaan three days a week. I use my training in classical music, to facilitate the students to embrace music. I’m also part of their hobby classes. Besides this, I help the team in packaging the products, Diwali sale etc.

 My words about Muskaan : 

I enjoy the cheerful, joyous and vibrant atmosphere of Muskaan. The whole ambience here is open, fresh and beautiful. Also, people are just wonderful. The work associates are extremely enthusiastic and eager to learn. We teach them as per their capacity and the way they want to learn. Muskaan is very sensitive to these youngsters. They do not tokenize them rather treat them with respect and encourage them to work as per their capabilities. Muskaan lives up to its name and is undoubtedly a reason to smile, a ray of hope for many. I look up to this place and its successful training model as a benchmark for any adult training programme. I love being here, love interacting with students, and teaching them. I see them as individuals who need love, care and affection. They are extremely motivated and you would definitely cherish your association with them. I salute the efforts Muskaan and its entire team puts in while engaging with these students

 My anecdote: 

Being here and being a part of the journey of these people, I have come across several lived experiences. I would like to share the one which is closest to my heart. I have a student Punchika. One day I asked her to sing the song which we had learnt in the class. She started singing, repeating every line again and again. I said, “Punchika, you have to sing each line just once”. She said with confidence, “no mam, this is the correct way”. I was strikingly impressed with her confidence.

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